Hirsch hydraulics


Hirsch Hydraulic Services was established in 1990 with the purpose of specialising in sales and service of mobile hydraulics.

The company has subsequently grown to be an importer, a distributor and a stockist of many branded products including Commercial Shearing, Coolbit Coolers, Tak-Bok Products, Jeou Gang Hydraulic Industrial Company, Youli Hydraulic Industrial, Gear Pump Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, Contarini Components and HOF Vane Pumps. Besides stocking these products, which you will find in our catalogue, we also back them up with a fully fledged workshop and testing facility.

Our core business still remains the basic gear pump, whether cast iron or aluminium, the combinations are infinite.

Due to the unique historical nature of the hydraulic equipment in South Africa having European and American machinery, the after-market for such machines becomes difficult to source. That is where we come in and solve the customer’s after-market problems.

It has been a natural progression to include in our range the components necessary to build power packs, these can be viewed, once again, on our online catalogue.